Microencapsulated Self-activating Fire Extinguishing Gel From Self Contained Fire Suppression Material Manufacturer


Microencapsulated Self-activating Fire Extinguishing Gel

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Deepmaterial is self contained fire suppression material manufacturer in china,has developed different forms of self-excited perfluorohexanone fire-extinguishing materials to target the spread of thermal runaway and deflagration control in new energy batteries, including sheets, coatings, potting glue and other excitation fire-extinguishing materials. This type of product can eliminate fire in 1 cubic space at 718g and has very high economic value. After testing by the National Fire Key Laboratory, when the battery is short-circuited and heated up, the perfluorohexanone fire extinguishing agent triggers the vaporization and release of perfluorohexanone at 80-200 degrees. After the battery catches fire, the flame is extinguished automatically after 5-11 seconds. In the experiment, after the flame was extinguished autonomously, an open flame was introduced every 3 minutes for 30 minutes, and there was no re-ignition. Through experiments, it can be seen that this product has extremely high application value in terms of battery core thermal runaway.


Product Description:

* Using internationally and domestically recognized fire extinguishing materials as the base.

* Automatically activates the release of fire extinguishing base material when exposed to high temperatures.

* Can be easily installed in narrow spaces and slopes.

* Can be easily removed without damaging the material itself.

* Can be activated automatically in the temperature range of 80-150 degrees Celsius.

* Responds immediately in the event of a fire in a given space, eliminating early fires.

* Does not release any vapors or gases during its service life.

Fire extinguishing mechanism:

The base material of the microcapsule self-exciting fire extinguishing material is colorless and odorless. They are stored in liquid form at room temperature. Microcapsule self-exciting fire extinguishing materials consist of a

base material that is technically synthesized into nano-microcapsule particles, which are mixed with other materials to form flakes, wires or granular coatings. The fire extinguishing mechanism is to extinguish the fire through both   physical and chemical effects:

Microencapsulated Self-Energizing Fire

Extinguishing Sheet Gels



(1)Chemical fire-fighting effect, i.e., capturing free radicals, terminating the chain reaction that causes the flame to spread, thus preventing the development of the fire;

(2) Physical fire extinguishing effect is the main fire extinguishing mechanism of this material, that is, through the strong thermal movement of molecules to take away a large amount of heat, so as to achieve the cooling effect,  its very high heat absorption capacity can make the flame quickly lose heat, which also interrupts the chain reaction of combustion.

Application Scenarios

Energy Storage Battery Cabinet

Power Battery


New Energy Power Generation and Energy Storage Devices

Data Server Room


Base Station Communication Cabinet

 Power and Motor Cabinet