Two-component Epoxy Adhesive


Product Specification Parameters

Product Model Product name Color Typical Viscosity


Curing time Use
DM-630E AB epoxy adhesive Colorless to

slightly yellowish liquid

9000-10,000 120min Suitable for applications requiring optical transparency, excellent structural, mechanical and electrical insulation, for bonding, small parts potting, riveting and laminating. Can bond most materials including glass, fiber optics, ceramics, metals and many hard plastics.


Product Features

Heat resistance Solvent resistance Aging resistance
Filling gaps, sealing Rigid bonding Small to medium area bonding


Product Advantages

The product is a low viscosity, epoxy adhesive industrial product. The fully cured epoxy is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and solvents and has excellent dimensional stability over a wide temperature range. Typical applications include bonding, small potting, staking and laminating, which require optical clarity and excellent structural, mechanical and electrical insulation properties.