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Automatic Fire Suppression Material

Deepmaterial Publish Battery Thermal Runaway Spreading and Deflagration

At the end of July, Shenzhen Battery Industry Association, Adhesive Information, New Material Industry Alliance and other units will jointly organize “2024 Advanced Battery and Energy Storage Adhesive Material Technology and Application Innovation Forum and Battery and Energy Storage Material Exhibition”. “Deepmaterial” will bring the latest self-excited fire extinguishing materials to the meeting and share the technical report of “Principle of Battery Thermal Runaway Spreading and Deflagration Inhibition of Self-Excited Fire Extinguishing Materials and Application Discussion”, and share the development opportunities of new technologies and materials with the major terminals and counterparts.

On May 15, 2024, a fire was first detected at the Gateway energy storage plant in California. By the afternoon of May 16, the fire was nearly extinguished, but the station’s batteries have since reignited. After 40 firefighters and five fire engines worked around the clock for 11 days, the fire was finally extinguished by helicopters using tons of perfluorohexanone fire extinguishing agent. Through this fire in the energy storage power station, the application of perfluorohexanone fire extinguishing agent in lithium batteries and other new energy industries has become a hot topic.

“Deepmaterial” has been developing microcapsule C6F12O perfluorohexanone-based fire extinguishing materials since 2019. Since the development of 50% product coating rate in 2021, the microcapsule coating rate of perfluorohexanone liquid has reached 85%-90% beyond the industry, and the effect and cost tend to be polarized.

At present, the country is formulating national standards for perfluorohexanone fire extinguishing agents, and the relevant groups have already formulated the group standard of 《Prefabricated perfluorohexanone fire extinguishing devices》.

The extinguishing mechanism of perfluorohexanone is similar to that of HFC125 and HFC227ea and is a combination of the two extinguishing mechanisms.

“Deepmaterial” is a unique microencapsulation process to encapsulate perfluorohexanone into spherical solid particles of 50-300um (for different applications). Compared with liquid perfluorohexanone materials, microencapsulated perfluorohexanone can be made into unlimited sizes of sheets, easy to paint coatings, potting adhesives for insulation and fire extinguishing, etc., which can be used without installation by professionals, without the need to install complex sensing and electronic control systems, and is suitable for small confined spaces that are fixed or movable, and where power supply is not available.

Preparation of perfluorohexanone fire extinguishing microcapsules

“Deepmaterial” develops different forms of self-excited fire extinguishing materials for perfluorohexanone microcapsules, including sheets, coatings, potting gel and other self-excited fire extinguishing materials. Through practical verification, this type of product can eliminate the fire of 1 cubic space at 718g, which has very high economic value. After the test of the National Key Laboratory of Fire, when the battery short-circuit warms up, dysprosium material excitation fire extinguishing material triggers the release of perfluorohexanone vaporization at 80-200 degrees Celsius, and the flames are extinguished autonomously after the battery catches fire after 5-11s. In the experiment, after the flame was extinguished autonomously, the open flame was introduced every 3 min within 30 min, and there was no re-ignition. After the experiment, it can be seen that the product has a high application value in the thermal runaway of the battery cell.

Perfluorohexanone microcapsule fire extinguishing material

Self-activating fire
extinguishing granules

Self-activating fire extinguishing panel

Self-activating fire retardant potting compound

Perfluorohexanone microcapsules can be made into a variety of forms of fire extinguishing materials, such as panel, sleeves; tapes, coatings, glues and so on.

Application of perfluorohexanone microcapsule fire extinguishing material