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Deepmaterial is a potting compound manufacturer for semiconductor and electronic applications.
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Manufacturing Technique

Innovative Adhesive Solutions
When your project requires custom bonding your first stop is choice adhesives. Our experienced sales representatives are supported by a team of highly skilled technical specialists who can provide prompt, well informed answers and innovative solutions. Deepmaterial technicians and chemists can modify tack, viscosity, color & more to fit your unique application. We offer over lots of adhesive expertise in a broad variety of industrial uses for solvent-based, water-based, canister/aerosol and hot melt adhesives.

Deepmaterial draws from various adhesive technologies to provide adhesive solutions for bonding, sealing, and potting applications. We provide customized adhesive services on your demand, custom electronic adhesives, PUR structural adhesive, UV moisture curing adhesive, epoxy adhesive, conductive silver glue, epoxy underfill adhesive, epoxy encapsulant, functional protective film, semiconductor protective film.

Adhesive R&D
DeepMaterial conducts in-depth research on the application scenarios and characteristics of customers’ adhesives, combined with customer needs, the professional R&D team customizes high-performance products and overall solutions that are not limited to the needs, so that adhesive products are more suitable for customers’ practical applications and help customers improve their processes. Quality, reduce cost consumption, and achieve fast delivery.

Good liquidity

The capillary speed is fast, and the filling degree is more than 95%, which is suitable for high-speed glue spraying. Solve the problem that the filling of the product is not full, the glue does not penetrate, and the bottom is not filled.

High-speed dispensing

DeepMaterial adhesives have been tested at 48000/H high-speed dispensing, so you have no worries. Avoid false welding or even direct scrapping of the product after the parts are patched due to the quality of the red plastic wire drawing.

Fast curing

Complete curing as fast as 3 minutes, suitable for fully automated mass production, high efficiency, while greatly reducing costs! Solve the problems of too long curing time, low work efficiency and prolonged work cycle.

Shock proof

High and low temperature resistance -50~125℃, deformation resistance, bending resistance, dispersion reduces the stress on the solder balls, and reduces the CTE difference between the chip and the substrate. Solve the problems of fragility, no falling, poor product quality, waste and other problems.

Strictly demand quality from the source

Using advanced US formula technology and imported raw materials, it truly realizes no residue, clean scraping, etc.
The product has passed the SGS certification and obtained the RoHS/HF/REACH/7P test report.
The overall environmental protection standard is 50% higher than the industry.

Adhesive Technique

Let DeepMaterial develop an adhesive formula to cost-effectively meet your process needs.

Don’t see what you need among our many product offerings. Don’t worry, our Chief Adhesive Scientist and Adhesives Specialists have developed hundreds of formulas and constantly are designing new and creative adhesive process solutions to meet customer needs. When you need a custom adhesive, our team of scientists and production specialists work with you enthusiastically, partnering to develop a product that satisfies your project exactly. We analyze your production process from beginning to end in order to develop an adhesive that not only satisfies your current process but actually improves it, often saving both time and money.

Finding the correct adhesive for your project might only be part of the battle. You need to take into consideration how a switch in formulation might affect your line and deliverables. Our Chief Adhesive Scientist will analyze your adhesive needs and recommend solutions based on our extensive formulating knowledge.

Allow DeepMaterial’s staff to be your materials experts. Our team will work to quickly and efficiently understand your process and provide valuable insight into how adhesives impact your production process and finished product. Our experience will reduce the challenges you have in bringing your product up to full-scale production saving you costly development and prototyping time.