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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Pressure sensitive adhesives form viscoelastic bonds that are aggressively and permanently tacky. They adhere with just finger or hand pressure and do not require activation by water, solvent or heat. Pressure sensitive adhesives are often based on non-crosslinked rubber adhesives in a latex emulsion or solvent-borne form.

 Advantages of pressure sensitive:

· Long-lasting stickiness
· Self-adhesive coating
· Coating and assembly can be separated

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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Product Selection

Product LineProduct SeriesProduct CategoryProduct NameApplication Characteristics
Pressure sensitive 

Moisture curingLabel classDM-6588

General label adhesive, easy to die-cut, high initial adhesion, excellent aging resistance


Suitable for all kinds of low temperature applications above -10°C, easy to die cutting, excellent viscosity at room temperature, can be used for cold chain logistics labels


Suitable for all kinds of low temperature applications above -25°C, easy to die cutting, excellent viscosity at room temperature, can be used for cold storage labels


High initial tack, high stickiness, excellent resistance to plasticization, used in film labels


High adhesion, cold flow pressure sensitive adhesive, can be applied to tire labels


Medium-viscosity removable adhesive, strong adhesion to PE surface material, can be used for removable labels

Back stick typeDM-6157

High-quality, high-viscosity hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive specially developed for TV backplane adhesives. The product has light color, low odor, excellent initial adhesion performance, good cohesion, high adhesion, and excellent high temperature resistance. Humidity is 85% and it has certain holding power at 85°C high temperature. It can pass the high temperature and high humidity test and is used for TV back panel pasting.


It is a reactive black polyurethane hot melt adhesive, cured with moisture. This material is pressure sensitive and provides instant high initial strength after connecting parts. It has good basic bonding performance and the opening time suitable for automatic or manual assembly line production.

UV-curableTV backplaneDM-6636UV-curable acrylate pressure-sensitive adhesive has certain pressure-sensitivity after curing. The formula is based on solvent-free modifified acrylate, and the color is colorless or light yellow liquid. The adhesive surface can be cured quickly in a few seconds, thus achieving faster production speed and lower cost. After a period of post-curing after UV curing, the mechanical properties are better.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Product Data Sheet

Product LineProduct CategoryProduct NameColourViscosity (mPa·s)100°CDispensing temperature( °C)Opening hoursSoftening PointStore/ °C /M
Pressure sensitive rubber baseLabel classDM-6588Light yellow to amber5000-8000100 88±55-25/6M
DM-6589Light yellow to amber6000-9000100*90±55-25/6M
DM-6582Light yellow to amber10000-14000100*105±55-25/6M
DM-6581Light yellow to amber6000-10000100*95±55-25/6M
DM-6583Light yellow to amber6500-10500100*95±55-25/6M
DM-6586Light yellow to amber3000-3500100*93±55-25/6M
Back stickDM-6157Light yellow to amber9000-13000150-180*111±35-25/6M
DM-6573Black3500-7000150-2002-4 min105±35-25/6M